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৳ 8,900.00

  • 100% Original.
  • Fresh & Zesty fragrance
  • For Men
  • 80ML EDP+100ML BL
  • Eau de perfum
  • Made in : SPAIN

Fragrances bring out the scent of your body through skin contact and its response to the warmth on your body. Being in contact with parts such as wrists, elbows, behind ears, nape, front neck are the top priority positions in perfume use because of its discreetness and advantages in releasing scent.

After use, spray the perfume on the body, avoid rubbing or drying the skin with other objects, this breaks down the fragrance layers in the perfume, causing it to change scent or evaporate quickly. than.

Keep the perfume bottle about 15-20cm away from where you need to use the perfume and spray strongly, decisively so that the nectar of the perfume is widest, increasing the grip on your skin.

The wrists that are sprayed with perfume often have a lot of effects such as washing hands, wearing bracelets, watches, so to ensure the scent is maintained, you should use perfume on your wrist at more frequency than necessary. set.

Designer fragrances usually do not have an expiration date, in some Countries it is imperative that the expiration date notation be required for goods to be sold on the market. The expiry date in some perfumes is noted from 24 to 36 months, and from the date you open the product and use the first time.


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